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Solidworks (CAD)

I am experienced in creating 3D CAD models to create, validate, optimise and communicate designs. I use Solidworks on a daily basis and in my opinion CAD design is essential for getting a product on the market.


Capable of making both digital sketches and sketches on paper. This includes creating exploratory sketches in the early stages of projects, explanatory sketches for communication and persuasive sketches to sell your product.


Illustrator is a program I use to create vector graphics. These vector graphics allow me to change the size of a drawing without losing quality. It is different from Photoshop in which my images can't be scaled without quality loss.


Adobe Premiere is a high resolution video editing program I use to process and edit my design videos with. The usage of this program often goes hand in hand with Adobe after effets or other applications from the creative suite and the 3d modeling applications.


I use Photoshop for 2D- and 3D-rendering, it also helps me to create more realistic images of my design models. Photoshop allows me to enhance the images I have created to make my models more realistic or aestatically appealing. Next to this I use it for turning simple hand-drawn line sketches into a 3D looking object for a visual when 3D modeling is not necessary or costs to much time. Besides this I also use photoshop for some of the grapic designs.


Arduino is an open-source platform used for building electronics projects. I use Arduino for creating and programming behaviour in my prototypes to make them functional and validate them.


In possession of the knowledge and experience to work with electronic components, using sensors and actuators in combination with microcontrollers to implement in my designs creating functional prototypes.

After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics, keying and compositing program I use for these exact reasons. It has become an important tool together with Adobe Premiere to create my design videos with.

Cinema 4D

I have got some experience in working with Cinema 4D. This program is meant for animation, lighting, visual 3D effects and rendering. Most of the time it serves as a tool to create nice renders of my 3D models and as a tool to create 3D models when Solidworks does not suit the particular job like creating scenes or other types of models.

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