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Who is Ardjoen Mangré


First let me introduce myself... my name is Ardjoen Mangré, I am a 24 years old designer, graduated with a masters degree in Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven and currently working as product developer at RIHO International. Creativity and Innovation and User friendliness are key in my designs. As a designer I consider myself as a responsible and independent person who functions equallly well in a team. I am persistent, and not afraid to take on a challenge. My motto: You are never really done learning and developing yourself. Therefore I'm always teaching myself new skills and am not afraid to ask for help or to take action to develop myself further. I am very eager to learn and from experience I can say I am a fast learner. Being also a perfectionist contradicts sometimes with this eager to learn as much as posiible and as perfect as possible.


As a designer I would love to help people with an illness, with a condition or any other person whose life could considerably be improved. Creating solutions that add or restore value to people’s life and raise their spirits. These people could often use a helping hand in their daily life, and I would like to help them providing this helping hand. Restoring vitality and improving the quality of life are key elements in this.

Even though the medical field of design intrigues me, this does not exclude my interest in other fields as well as my capabilities. I am broadly oriented in my field with a huge interest in the connection between technology and design as they have always intrigued me. It therefore is not strange I followed the study of Industrial Design for five years to immerse and specialise myself further herein. Already when I was young I had this affection with technology and design. It started as a child, when I was always trying to create new things out of old stuff. This same passion I had for drawing which has always been my biggest hobby. These activities grew from hobbies to a passion reflecting my identity.

As former Industrial Design student I worked on designing intelligent products and services, which are adapted to this fast changing information era. I do this using three main vantage points: engineering, the user and design. I am trained into becoming an independently operating designer who practices his profession in a technological as well as a societal context.

To see my skills or my work check out the rest of my portfolio. And if you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me!

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