Aiding in Parkinson's

This project is about the development of a cueing device for drooling in Parkinson’s disease. With the help of different researches and important insights of multiple speech therapists a smart pair of glasses was deisgned that prevents the user from drooling.

Siallorrhoea is the name for the disorder that causes excessive drooling (involuntary loss of saliva) within Parkinson's disease. It is a significant problem which can have a huge psychological impact on patients who suffer from it. It is experienced as humiliating and can lead to a lowering of self-esteem. This again sometimes even leads to social isolation affecting the quality of life immensely. With Sialorrhoea the swallowing happens to less or almost not at all, which makes it impossible to process all the saliva. This is because Parkinson's disease affects the subconsious swallowing reflex as we know it, therefore the patients have to swallow consiously every time again. Therefore the patients are able to swallow their saliva, but the problem is that the trigger to swallow is not there or is inconsistent.

The Spectackle tries to replace this defect reflex and therefore lower or even prevent moments of drooling, thereby helping the user avoiding the feeling of humiliation and improving their quality of life. The Spectackle is able to get a regularity in swallowing and is able to monitor the position of the head and recognise 'drool-dangerous' situations to initiate swallowing in time.

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