PD Medical
Gait rehabilitation

This project was about the development of a product for the help in rehabilitation for people with Parkinson’s disease. This product is the Pd Medical, a device designed to help Parkinson’s patients cope with their walking disorders such as festination, freezing and bradykinesia. What are these disorders you probably ask, so first let me tell you in short what thesy are.

Festination is an alteration in gait in which the patient quickens and shortens their steps it is hard for them to slow down and stop often causing patients to fall. Freezing of gait is a disorder in which patients are unable to initiate or continue locomotion giving the patient the feeling of being glued to the ground. It impairs their mobility and is another cause in falls. Bradykinesia causes difficulty with repetitive movements like maintaining a normal walking rhythm, they start to walk with short, shuffling steps.

The PD Medical is a device that uses tactile cueing technology to help the patient restoring the ability to walk with a normal rhythm and therefore a better gait and tries to prevent moments of freezing. By doing this the chance of festination also becomes much smaller. Conducted tests during the project have proven potential for the use of this device.

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