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We are living in a time in which people hurry and live fast. Sometimes the movement of the body is even not being experienced while moving. For instance, riding a bicycle to work is almost an auto pilot. This dress tries to focus attention on movement of the person who wears it, making them try out new movements and play with them.

The intention of this project was to research the boundaries between the human body, its movement and the technological possibilities in order to create new fashionable solutions for the fashion industry. Central in the exploration of alternating materials was exploring the interaction possibilities in garments, creating a dialogue between the garment and the person who wears it.

This dress was worn on the "Trendoskop" fashion event by Planet at the National Gallery (Ljubljana, Slovenia). To watch it click here.
Also a verynice article was written about this project on the Adafruit Wearable Blog:
Article 1.
Article 2.

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